Our favorite Tampa Bike Shop

imageToday, we picked up the kids’ trailer for my wife’s bike from our friends at Velo Champ. Doug Miller is a Georgia Tech alum that I met through our local Suncoast Alumni Network. His son Jordan is a master craftsman. It’s nice because we know very little about cycling and he takes the time to walk us through our equipment step-by-step.


Their shop is all about the sport and culture of cycling, and is located in the historic neighborhood of Seminole Heights, reminiscent of Atlanta’s Virginia Highlands with even more of a grassroots feel to it. The neighborhood may not be there yet, but for those folks like the Millers that are working hard to make the Heights a place all its own, nothing beats it!

Plus, if you are gonna go to a bike shop why not go to one with some flair and personality:

image Velo Champ has some nice seats (seriously) and even has an office dog named Radar that guards the place, welcomes guests, and does the book-keeping.



Below is the finished product! My wife even took our son for a test ride down to the Seminole Heights Garden Center and back!

Are you a resident of Seminole Heights? Tell us more about your neighborhood and why you love it!


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