What’s your favorite pit-stop on I-75?

Ever since I started driving regularly between Tampa and Atlanta, or for that matter hopping a ride in my buddy Dave’s 1984 beamer aka “The Pimp Mobile,” my favorite pit-stop has been the RaceWay gas station at Exit 5 in Lake Park, GA. You’ve just crossed the state-line, you breathe easier at the lower rates in gas, and you are looking for a populated exit with lots of food options. The station used to be one of the largest in south Georgia…I think it was a RaceTrac not that long ago…and consistently has one of the lowest prices on gas in the state. The restrooms are absolutely nothing to write home about, but it is dependable. If you can tell me what is unique about the men’s room, I have a prize for you!

When I stop there with the family it still reminds me of weekend jaunts home to Tampa with my friends from Georgia Tech, and all of the times we had stopped to load up on fountain drinks, candy, and oh yeah Swisher Sweets. With a Chick-Fil-A next door, what more can you ask for? Even though it is no longer a RaceTrac and is nothing like its glory days, I still return just out of convenience, habit, and memories.

What is your favorite place to stop for gas on I-75?



2 thoughts on “What’s your favorite pit-stop on I-75?

  1. I grew up in Jacksonville and my grandparents lived about an hour west/northwest of Albany, Georgia so this exit was always our “exchange point” for weeks spent with grandpa and grandma. It was about halfway for my parents and the grandparents to drive. It is kind of sad that the outlet mall there has become such a desolate and terrible one. Whenever we drive from Chicago to Jacksonville, we still almost always inevitably stop here, for nostalgia’s sake and the last chance for cheap gas!

  2. I know…it seems like a lot of the retail is deteriorating. It still looks more modern than some other outlets between there and Warner Robbins but has a lot of vacancy. Like most Sonics, even the one there is now abandoned. It seems like the ones that thrive are usually in small southern towns…guess the interstate doesn’t qualify.

    You just reminded me of a great conversation I had/overheard with some natives up in a Tifton Krystal a month ago. Would have made you wish everyone approached life so simply, they could remind the folks in Washington what it’s like in the real world.

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