Next Stop 1842!

1842 Inn Bed & Breakfast – Macon, GA

Macon has always be one of my favorite places for an overnight visit. Only an hour outside of Atlanta, it is still unaffected for better or worse by metropolitan encroachment. The chamber of commerce may encourage you to go there in order to see another up and coming southern city, but I am much happier reveling in days past, enjoying the peaceful historic hamlet that is Macon. I just recently determined my wish-list destination for our next visit!

The 1842 Inn is right down my alley. It appears to be richly infused with antebellum charm and southern hospitality. With 19 guest rooms, a library, and parlors complete with period antiques and tapestries, the hotel listed on the National Registry of Historic Places will hopefully launch me back in a hurry.

The Magnolia Room

What appeals to me most are the names of the guestrooms including the Cotton Merchant’s Room, Jefferson Davis, Lyman Hall, Magnolia, and Sidney Lanier. How do I know they are not just paying lip-service to Georgia history and culture? Each room description on their website (complete with pictures)  includes an historical account of the namesake for that room!

Front Porch at the 1842 Inn


Throw in the seventeen column, wrap around verandah, the garden and courtyard, and it sounds like a recipe for relaxation. If that is not enough, they even have complimentary evening shoe-shine service.


That’s what the drive between Tampa and Atlanta does for me, it takes me back in time…before cheerfully being jolted back into the vibrancy and congestion of my favorite big cities! A slower pace gives us a chance to appreciate where we’ve come from and check where we are going.


3 thoughts on “Next Stop 1842!

  1. I have only been to Macon once, as a teenager and I wasn’t too excited about being dragged there for a weekend, but I remember being pleasantly surprised. I would go back, especially now as an adult. I have even more of an appreciation for historic architecture, antique shops and bed and breakfasts. Have you ever been to Athens? I haven’t. I am a Gator, of course, but my dad graduated from UGA and I kind of find it strange that we never made a trip there as a family or even me, since I have been to Atlanta dozens of times.

    • I think you’d enjoy the smaller laid back feel of Macon. It is quite a large spread out town now, but the downtown is quaint and feels like you have been transported back at least thirty years.

      I have been to Athens a few times. We Georgia Tech guys aren’t looked kindly upon in those parts, and frankly I have very few really good memories there other than a great Widespread Panic concert and tons of beautiful women. One time I got food poisoning in Athens. Never order an oyster on top of a steak. Sounds like something a UGA grad would do. That chef probably saw a Tech alum visiting from Florida a mile away and decided to take it out on me!

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