Night Time Soap Opera in Atlanta or Tampa?

Courtesy of TNT

I have a confession! I just watched on demand the pilot and first episode of the new “Dallas” 2012 TV Series airing Wednesday nights on TNT. It picks up the night time soap opera in present day with largely the same cast of characters including Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy as J.R. and Bobby.

Although I was in junior high when the show last aired, I remember being awed by the drama, and the sweeping landscapes showing off the city of Dallas at its finest. But I also remember questioning my parents on how they could be fascinated with such trash.

Well, the new series only enhances the epic that was “Dallas,” and I am now the one fascinated with what is anything but trash! Either I didn’t appreciate it the first time around, or these writers are about twice as good! As someone who rarely watches anything other than news in the evening, and pretty much gave up on watching shows live when 24 stopped airing I have to admit, I think I am hooked.

I suspect that (much appreciated by the original cast) the directors have succeeded where many others have failed in rejuvenating an old series, by maintaining the dignity of the original program, despite the desire to target a new generation. Maybe it’s that they are thoughtfully targeting my generation X and the original audience, rather than simply trying to appeal to the college kids, who I think will inevitably be drawn to the program because of this diligence. But what I most like about “Dallas” is that the real star of the show is…Dallas!

Courtesy of TNT

Never before had a city and its culture been so highlighted, embellished, and glorified as in “Dallas.” Miami Vice was a close second. The special effects and aerial photography in 2012, clearly showing homage to the original “Dallas” series, blow you away and are like watching the Travel Channel or Nat Geo! My question is, when will we get something even coming close in Atlanta or Tampa? Okay, I’ll be realistic, in Atlanta!

Sure Atlanta had Designing Women in the 1980s, which really was a charming sitcom, but that doesn’t cut it. Most of that show was filmed on a sound stage! Atlanta is rich in culture and intrigue and would make the perfect backdrop for a night time soap with a new age twist. If you have any doubt, all you have to do is read “A Man in Full.” Who wouldn’t be interested in the escapades of a former Olympic promoter and Buckhead socialite real estate developer that nearly goes broke during the recession, and having his world turned upside down, struggles to determine what is really important in life as he rebuilds his empire and shapes the future of the ATL? Okay, I’m obviously not a TV producer, but hey TNT just take a look around your hometown for your next big idea!!

English: Atlanta skyline from the Intercontine...

Atlanta skyline from the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead, Wikipedia

Question: What is your favorite show right now, and do you think that Atlanta is worthy of a night time soap?


3 thoughts on “Night Time Soap Opera in Atlanta or Tampa?

  1. I really want to watch this!!! But, alas, I do not have cable right now. I have been begging hulu to add the original series. I was too young for it the first time around. I am smart and proud to admit that I heart trashy tv!!

      • I wish you could pay a la carte for cable too. My sister always complains about this, she just wants ESPN’s 1 through whatever. I am house-sitting and dog-sitting this week for my future brother-in-law and his girlfriend who are in vacation in Atlanta and Savannah (haha!) and I just saw the Dallas commercial! I am super excited that I can check it out tonight. I have my bottle of wine ready and the dogs to watch it with!

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