Tea Party Time

English: The Supreme Court of the United State...

The Supreme Court of the United States.

The Gadsden flag

The Gadsden flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scratching your head over today’s decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the healthcare law because it is in fact a tax?

Were you kind of looking forward to breathing that big sigh of relief when the healthcare law would be deemed unconstitutional and Congress could go back to the drawing board?

Did you originally like some of the elements you heard about when the law was first passed, but since then decide that our government had way overreached and that maybe you were witnessing the creation of a government behemoth that might just start taking away your liberty under the pretense of helping those less fortunate?

I suspect that a lot of people feel this way, and that we are going to witness the re-awakening of a sleeping giant called the Tea Party that never really went anywhere. For your information here is a list of Tea Party Organizations in our fine cities:


The Tampa Tea Party – website or Facebook

Tampa 9-12 – website or Facebook

Tea Party Express – website


Atlanta Tea Party Patriots – Facebook

Atlanta Tea Party – website

Southern Belle Politics – blog

South Atlanta Tea Party – website or Facebook

Question: Do you think the Tea Party has been effective in creating a positive dialogue that did not previously exist?


2 thoughts on “Tea Party Time

    • I posted it because the topic of that individual post was about the Tea Party and the Supreme Court decision. In choosing a graphic to depict the supreme court, I chose the supreme court building, and since the Gadsden (notice the spelling) flag is commonly used by the tea party I chose that as well. The flag was designed by and is named after American general and statesman Christopher Gadsden. That symbol, along with Benjamin Franklin’s Join or Die political cartoon became a symbol for colonial independence used before the Declaration and during the Revolutionary War, so it is not inappropriate to use in celebrating our country coming together to declare its independence during this time of year. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to do another post specifically on the 4th so the American Flag can fly on this blog as well!

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