1996 Centennial Olympic Games – A Look Back in Pictures

It started with Sydney, and about this time every four years, I start to get sentimental and reminisce about the magic that was the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games. According to readtiger.com ” The 1996 Summer Olympics, known officially as the Games of the XXVI Olympiad and unofficially as the Centennial Olympics, took place in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, from July 19 to August 4, 1996. A record 197 nations, all current IOC member nations, took part in the Games, comprising 10,318 athletes. Atlanta became the fifth American city to host the Olympic Games and the third to hold a Summer Olympic Games.

Atlanta was selected on September 18, 1990, in Tokyo, Japan, over Athens, Belgrade, Manchester, Melbourne, and Toronto at the 96th IOC Session. Atlanta’s bid to host the Summer Games that began in 1987 was considered a long-shot! The event ended up costing $3.8 billion in 2009 dollars and made a profit of $10 million.”

Here is a quick look back, in pictures:

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Question: What is your favorite Olympic memory?


2 thoughts on “1996 Centennial Olympic Games – A Look Back in Pictures

  1. There are too many to count! I am olympics nut and the sheer thought of watching everything sans spoilers stresses me out. I fancied myself being President of the IOC one day when I was a kid. I work in non-profit/associations, so maybe that career goal id attainable by 60?
    Hands down, I would say it is Kerri Strug vaulting, but I was very excited in Beijing with the two female gymnasts on the podium. I love the winter olympics as well.

  2. Also, figure skating scandal with Russian judge score and last winter olympics gold medal USA-Canada hockey game, I swear our whole building was watching and screaming at that game. It was super intense.

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