Get a Front Row Seat for Tampa Bay

This photograph is of Downtown Tampa and Tampa...

A very exciting and unprecedented media effort that is taking place here in Tampa and is incorporated with the Republican National Convention will launch in about 10 days. It is called Front Row Tampa Bay! I want to publicize it, because the more people around the nation that take the time to watch it, the greater the effect will be.

According to their website, Front Row Tampa Bay, presented by the Tampa Bay Partnership will promote regional and Florida businesses with interactive business panels, featuring regional, state and national VIPs in business, industry, and the public arena, live-streamed to a targeted list of business and political leaders from a theatre complex located nearby the convention site. (Of course you can sign up to watch too, or maybe even be part of the show)

Programming will include focus on the key business sectors and leaders from Florida and Tampa Bay, commentary from top political leaders, and a look at life in Tampa Bay and Florida.

It will be interesting to see what the overall impact of the convention is on our local economy, and this effort ought to plant some seeds that  will bear fruit over time. Although Florida is a top tourist destination because of its great weather and wonderful attractions, the media is having so much fun spinning the threats of hurricanes and making summer in Florida sound like slogging through the Amazon. In reality, most people from other cities visit and dream about what it would be like to do business in a place that combines great weather, a diverse culture, and tons of natural beauty.

I’ll try to do a few blog updates as I wander around Tampa during the convention, and attempt to determine whether my post on RNC parties ends up being correct. But if you are a business person or thinking about moving to Tampa, your best source for true on the ground reporting that extends beyond all of the political banter will be Front Row Tampa Bay and their Facebook and Twitter feeds.


5 thoughts on “Get a Front Row Seat for Tampa Bay

  1. I hope that that RNC brings some business and $$ to the city, I don’t know if that is common but I would hope that it sees a bump in business. That Front Row Tampa Bay event is a smart idea and I hope that it is successful in doing what it sets out to do.

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    • Tampa had its struggles with mass transit long before the tea party came about, and I would by no means characterize Tampa Bay as right wing. Trying to relate the struggles Tampa has as a region, and its populace’s current distaste for inefficient government spending is overly simplistic and plain wrong.

  3. I used to live near USF many moons ago…

    For anyone who’s never been to Tampa – and wants to get a visual feel for the area – you can get a pretty good visual idea by visiting the Tampa Bay PanoMan website

    They have some nice 360° panoramas of downtown Tampa, St. Petersburg, and some of the surrounding areas. Pretty cool.

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