Atlanta Never Ceases to Change


It really never does. As someone who now hops back and forth between Atlanta and Tampa, I have a really hard time understanding the evolution of the city or more exactly capturing it. That’s something that never changes with Atlanta…it is always changing.

So forgive me when I try to grab hold of the past and find myself bypassing the latest and greatest for the stuff that has been here awhile.

That was the case tonight when I stopped at Woody’s on Monroe for a Cheesesteak. I don’t know how I had not been there before, and I am not really sure I’ll be going back, (see my other post on Cheeseteaks) but it is nice to know some places aren’t going anywhere…although I have always wondered how bad the city would probably like to use the right of way at Woody’s.

I looked around at the other clientele to try to figure out who the inhabitants of the neighborhood were these days. As is usual lately I was completely stymied when there was absolutely no correlation whatsoever. In the 90s it would’ve been everyone’s bet that this area would be simply full of young professional families (some people call them yuppies) who were renovating Ansley Park, Highlands, and Piedmont Park bungalows in the pursuit of being intown.

Tonight there were two hipsters, a hippy, a housewife, a guy and his three year old up way past his bedtime, and me up way past my bedtime. Combine that with the African-American and Hispanic employees and I can’t figure out one thing, except that Atlanta is a diverse place. It’s not unusual to see this hodgepodge in most old midtown Atlanta neighborhoods now. Makes it tough for a guy like me who would usually try to characterize it in someway.

But here, in Woody’s itself is a place with a menu that hasn’t changed since 1976 when they first made their name on Philly style cheesesteaks and milkshakes, no more, no less.

Here is to constant change, and the places, for my sake, that don’t.


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